Our Philosophy


We want to keep our internal organization as lean and efficient as possible. We are doing this with the help of Holacracy, a new organizational system that stresses the importance of each individual team member as part of a well-functioning whole. We at afca. support the creative capacities of our team members. In our organizational system they can grow, develop and work to their best ability while being allowed a great deal of personal responsibility. We and our customers benefit greatly from this organizational model.
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Our team

Our team consists of specialists in software development, software architecture, 3D design, mixed reality, user experience and game design. Our specialists have different cultural backgrounds and use their individual skills and unique approaches to solve problems and create a supportive and encouraging working environment.
Paul Affentranger

Software Development, Strategy

Paul is one of the founders of afca. His main point of interest are new technologies and the possibilities they offer. Always concentrating on his customers’ needs he makes the best possible use of “cutting edge technologies”. Paul believes in direct communication, the agile approach and a healthy dose of pragmatism.
Competences: Paul’s favorite technologies include Mixed Reality, Machine Learning, Azure Cloud und Microservices.

Thomas Albert

Software Development, Human Resources

Thomas likes a logical and structured approach to problem solving. This approach enables him to work at an impressive speed. Thomas is highly focused when working and yet ready to support his colleagues any time they may need his help.

Sven Arnold

Software Development, Web & Cloud Development

Sven masters the balancing act between big city life and scout camp. He is very outgoing and likes to create harmony in the team. Even though still young, he brings a lot of experience in web and cloud technologies. and grows with every new challenge.

Antonia Bircher

Software Development

Antonia is a passionate Unity Developer, but is also interested in many other disciplines. To keep learning new things and taking on new challenges is a kick for her, that she can indulge in here at afca. She has hardly ever been sighted without a hoodie. Travel, culture, nature and adrenaline as well as building projects and handicrafts fill her weekends. And secretly she even crochets, but shush!

Markus Brönnimann

Software Development, System Administrator, Security

Markus is responsible for our server and cloud systems, has trained himself in the area of IT security. He supervises projects in the Azure Cloud, Office 365, databases and of course security and data protection.
Competences: IT-Security, Data Protection, Azure, Sharepoint, Databases, Virtualization, Office365

Marko Bublic

Software Development, Outreach

Marko is a passionate train traveler, technology enthusiast and DJ. He likes efficient meetings and processes. He works in a creative and open-minded manner. Marko likes new versions, updates and new possibilites.

Gion Capaul


Gion takes care of our book-keeping from the eastern part of Switzerland. He likes open communication and keeping everything well organized.

Marc Ghisi

Business Development

Marc Ghisi is a man of action: Be it a tree house with his children or the realization of mixed reality projects for a digitized world. A well-founded network, an innovative mind and a healthy amount of gut feeling directs his way forwards.
His many years of experience in communication / marketing, his involvement in ecological projects as well as his wide ranging interests are an asset to afca.’s positioning. Marc draws strength and inspiration from rock climbing, on expeditions to distant lands and from being involved in cultural productions with artists.

Niklaus Jordi

Software Development, Controlling

Niklaus is fascinated by the world of mathematics. He also likes to dwell in the world of science fiction movies TV-series and books. Doing business is in his DNA. Fairness is an important value to him. Niklaus’ strong point is finding solutions to especially complex problems.

Michel Kaltenrieder

Software Development, Infrastructure

Michel enjoys a good atmosphere in his working environment and does his part in creating it. He likes challenging assignments and shows amazing endurance when working on solutions to problems.
Badminton is his passion. There he enjoys speed and physical effort to the fullest. He might fight as single player in the court, but coaching and teamwork are key elements during the interclub championships. This makes him a competent team player.

Moritz Köhler

3D-Modelling & Animation

Moritz is our expert for shapes, colors, motion, light and sound. He models virtual 3D objects, works on surfaces and textures and choreographs animations. With his large headphones on he’s concentrated and efficient. Moritz’ work brings esthetics and design into our Mixed Reality experiences.

Stella Mühlhaus

User Experience, Mixed Reality Design

As a passionate designer and scuba diver, Stella dives into new realities for us. Whether it is the user’s point of view or the usage of new technologies. One of her favorite design challenges is to unravel complex topics. She believes in the advantages of teamwork and nurtures a creative atmosphere.

Tom Näf

Mixed Reality Development

Tom’s wide area of interests ranges from elementary particle research and ferrofluids to flying model gliders. These interests are reflected in his work in the form of multi-faceted and scientific approaches to problem solving. He directs our projects into new technological fields of application. His philosophical ponderings are reflected in his T-shirts “of the other kind” that keep putting smiles on our faces. Competences: Mixed Reality, Web Technologies

Anna Rickenbach

Software Development

Anna is enthusiastic about discovering new technologies of all kinds. She is always eager to tackle new problems and solve them with passion. Honest and transparent communication is a must for her. Anna loves sports. Being an early bird, she likes to be the first one in the office.

Pascal Schär

Software Development, Web & Cloud Development

Pascal develops customer oriented software in the web and cloud area. As a former nurse he masters the most important skill of a modern IT expert: Empathy. Teamwork is his top priority when it comes to finding solutions. He likes to take a pragmatic approach – there’s no such thing as can’t be done.
Privately, he likes to go out into nature, go biking, hiking or just enjoy the peace and quiet. From time to time he also likes to play computer games, if there is time.

Tim Schoch

User Experience, Freelancer

Tim is a free associate of afca. His background lies in graphic design, front- & backend- development. Currently he is working as a UX and interaction design all-rounder. Making things beautiful, useful and fun is his passion. Note: He is not fueled by coffee.

Chris Winterhalder

Software Development

Chris often goes to work by bicycle; not because he lives nearby but because he integrates sport in his daily routines. Chris is good at optimizing details without losing sight of the target as a whole. He likes to experiment with new things and is very patient when things don’t work the way he would like them to work right away.

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