How we work

The user’s needs come first, technology is kept in the background. To make software as efficiently applicable as possible for the user we focus on his needs and the way he functions.

Rethinking innovative solutions with an adaptive approach: Preconceived ideas and decisions that have been made too early in the process can jeopardize the success of a project. Ten years ago the afca. team had a key moment that brought about a profound change in our thinking.

Providing results fast and inviting continuous feedback from the customer: Creating prototypes as early as possible lets each involved party bring their ideas into the project at any point of time. Possible solutions can thus be tested and adapted early in the process.

Direct communication and cooperation in achieving a common goal: Direct communication between end-users and the developers lead to the mutual understanding of the customer’s needs. This helps the developers to meet your requirements in the best possible way.

Making use of cutting edge technologies: New technologies often offer new, alternative approaches that make the realization of novel ideas and visions possible.


Successful projects put the customer and his needs at the center of attention. Direct on-the-spot cooperation between all participants working on the project is essential. Rapid Prototyping is an iterative method that we use for the technical realization of your project.

To solve complex problems it is important to choose the right approach, which supports flexibility, transparency and short iterations. For years we have been working with Scrum, a widely used, agile process model.

We want to keep our internal organization as lean and efficient as possible. We are doing this with the help of Holacracy, a new organizational system that stresses the importance of each individual team member as part of a well-functioning whole. We at afca. support the creative capacities of our team members. In our organizational system they can grow, develop and work to their best ability while being allowed a great deal of personal responsibility. We and our customers can only profit from this organizational model.

This is the link to our company’s internal manual for our team members. It describes our company philosophy and the way we work.

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