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Mixed Reality

The platform for the visualization of building projects

Thanks to the latest mixed reality technology, construction projects can be virtually displayed. The “HoloPlanning” app makes it possible to experience digital plans as 3D models in space through holographic glasses. Embedding virtual models in the natural environment, building projects become comprehensible for everyone. Animated content such as passenger flows enable realistic simulations. The visualization of future conditions allows for optimized planning and conception, since even the invisible becomes visible. HoloPlanning offers spatial planning a versatile instrument and provides all parties involved with the necessary basis for discussion.

Benefits of the platform


Shared View

Content sharing across multiple HoloLens devices creates a collaborative experience and understanding of spatial planning projects


In- & Outdoor

The indoor and outdoor operation allows versatile and flexible possibilities of use



The 3D model data can be transferred to the holographic glasses in a few steps via a user-friendly web admin

Functions of the Mixed Reality App

Showing variants & layers

Simulation of shadows

Various zoom levels

Street-View Modus

Placement of the models in the room

Synchronization in real time

Integration of models



Processing of models (fbx format) at the workplace



Administration and configuration in the browser


Mixed Reality

Visualization of the models via Microsoft HoloLens – with intuitive menu navigation


Users of the HoloPLANNING platform can actively bring in their needs and thus participate in the development process. A decision-making body consisting of members of the HoloPlanning community steers the further development of the platform.

Contact us for more information and learn more about the conditions of the subscription model.

HoloPlanning Web-Admin