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An intelligent reservation system for motorcycle rentals

With a fantastic selection of products, Moto Mader AG brings the motorcycle world of Switzerland to Oberentfelden. You can buy a bike or borrow one, if you need a replacement vehicle, one for a test ride or for rental purposes. Certain bikes are occasionally removed from the stock for internal display needs. In order to provide an overview of available vehicles at all times, Moto Mader AG needed an easy-to-use booking system.

For this purpose, afca. developed an intelligent web application that is linked to existing third-party administrative applications and ensures rapid processing of rental transactions. The interface of the web application is optimized for the use by various end devices (desktop & tablet PC) thus allowing flexible processing.

The Moto Mader booking system consists of different lending categories, for which individualized forms are available. The availability of the requested vehicle is clearly displayed in a calendar view. A motorcycle can be booked for a wished period of time for half days or for whole days. A control system automatically detects possible scheduling collisions such as double bookings.

The customer's driver's license is required for the booking procedure. The relevant customer information, such as name, date of birth or vehicle category, is transferred in a simplified, fully automated process. First, the driver's license is photographed with a webcam. Then, using an optical cloud-based text recognition system based on cognitive AI services, the desired customer data is read out of the image and compared with the company's existing address file. In case of an already registered customer, the stored information can be automatically transferred to the corresponding form.

Finally, the customer signs the business agreement directly on the tablet display using his finger or a touch pen. A web component is used that can extract only the drawn signature. A PDF file is automatically generated from the signed contract. Moto Mader also receives a daily report on which vehicles need to be prepared for which customers.

The web application is in use since the beginning of 2018 and is being optimized constantly. Have a good trip!