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Harnessing the power of the sun together

Together with its customers IWB wants to drive forward the energy transition and is now having new photovoltaic systems built on Basel's roofs. Even if you live in a rented apartment and you cannot install a solar system on your own roof you should be able to participate in this project. IWB's main focus with this product is to support the energy transition. The produced electricity can be purchased or given away by IWB customers based or domiciled in the canton of Basel-Stadt. All the customer has to do is to invest in a piece of a solar roof.

In order to promote a single crowdfunding contribution to a solar facility, afca. ag has set up a cloud-based e-shop on the IWB website. The user interface is designed according to the IWB corporate design and kept very simple. Individual solar projects can be selected in a map section of Basel. The ordering process is continued by selecting a suitable product of specific number of m2 solar modules and completed by filling the form for personal details. The web app is connected to the internal ERP system via an API, which secures the further processing of the purchase by the sales department. An evaluation of Google's analysis data was created by Google Tag Manager to constantly improve the customer experience. This allows you to track the click behavior of website visitors.