Visualize Data Where It Is Generated

Real-time data is displayed virtually on the very object it is generated, using the latest mixed reality technology.

Background: CSL Behring AG is a global biotherapeutics leader, specialized in the manufacture of medicines derived from human plasma. CSL Behring's facility in the Wankdorf, in the heart of the capital city Bern, generates a large amount of data on a daily basis, which is crucial for the production of their life-saving therapies. The aim of the project was to provide employees with the necessary information as quickly as possible and to make the complex production processes easier to understand.

Solution: The collected data of the system is retrieved and assigned to a digital twin in a smart AR cloud system (Azure). Using the Mixed Reality glasses, the needed information is displayed directly on the corresponding object in real time. The Mixed Reality glasses are used as a completely new HMI.

Benefit: The application enables the employee to make faster and more accurate decisions and thereby helps to avoid errors. By using a head-mounted display, the worker also is unhindered because his hands remain free.

With the "PlasmiX" application, afca. was included in Microsoft's Mixed Reality Partner Program. The expansion of services through machine learning and artificial intelligence promises the breakthrough of immersive technologies in the evolution of industry 4.0.



Mixed Reality Partner Programm

afca. ag was the first Swiss company to join Microsoft's Mixed Reality Partner Program on July 2018. The Microsoft Partner Quality Seal is given to companies that produce high-quality software in projects with innovative technologies and approaches.


Best of Swiss AppsBest of Swiss Apps Logo

At this year's Best of Swiss Apps Awards, the PlasmiX app wins gold in the Augmented & Virtual Reality category. The app convincingly demonstrates how the HoloLens can already be used in a productive environment today. The app is visually and acoustically appealing and the user guidance is easy to understand and target-oriented.


Teamfoto PlasmiX


Interactive Pharmaceutical Research

Mixed Reality makes complex spatial relationships easily understandable.

We have developed a Hololens application for the research group for computer-assisted drug design at the ETH Zurich. It presents scientific data to students in a playful way.

Because this application will be used by people wearing a HoloLens for the first time, special attention has been paid to the user interface: Gestures and voice commands are supported; navigation paths are short; an intuitive layout and a clear tutorial assist the user through the app.

Since all content must be based on scientific data, we have developed a process that transforms flat molecule descriptions from the open RCSB protein data bank into beautiful 3D models.

The MoleGram Explorer application was implemented in just three weeks. It is the pilot project for "Learning in Mixed Realities" at the ETH Zurich.




Let's Talk About City Planning

This latest version of our city planning app enables multiple users to view and make changes in a synchronized view of the city model.

All participants see a 3D model of the city district in the same place. Each change to the model is displayed for the viewers synchronously. Thus the City of Zurich urban planners can explore and evaluate proposed developments easily. Additional information such as building zones can be displayed on the terrain. Shadows that the new buildings will cast can be simulated precisely.

The application is fully functional indoor as well as outside. A proposed development can be observed on site in its original shape and size.

Our revolutionary user interface puts the 3D content at the center of attention. The controls can be summoned by a gesture. Otherwise they stay hidden away. Voice commands and simple gestures enable the user to work with the data precisely.

The city planners design future environments for living, working and mobility with the HoloLens and HoloPlanning.





Evaluating sustainability

RISE is a method developed by the Berner Fachhochschule HAFL to evaluate the sustainability of agricultural operations in a holistic way. It is based on ten indicators considering ecological, economic and social aspects. RISE is being used globally. So far it has been translated into more than ten languages.

afca. has designed and realized a generic, cloud based system for RISE. This software allows the scientists of HAFL to freely define the methodology of questionnaires and calculations also for counseling purposes.

Cooperation with afca. is gratifying. They keep demonstrating their professional competence over and over again!

Christian Thalmann, Projekt RISE, HAFL Zollikofen


Office World Online Shop

The eCommerce platform supports the corporate philosophy of Office World AG optimally. All essential information is present in all channels. This provides a unique shopping experience for the customer.

In 1999 the Online Shop went online for the first time. With time it has become a flexible, independent system that manages customer services and products in a most reliable manner. An allocated AppFabric-Cache allows for a most efficient performance of the shops. The connectability with partner systems is an integral part of the platform. Furthermore, services draw data from various sources and supply appropriate reports to the Office World Team.

In short development cycles the afca. team keeps constantly developing the platform in order to allow the major supplier of office articles in Switzerland to perfectly balance the interaction between the analog and the digital worlds.

afca. has been our reliable partner for years. They develop innovative solutions and cover our needs in a highly efficient way.

Dietmar Klonki, Leiter IT-Services (CIO), Office World AG



Make the gift of an adventure

Appentura makes it possible to make a gift that suits the personal interests and preferences of the receiver. The afca. team has developed the appropriate App for searching offers, booking and administration purposes as an «App in a Week»,. The user can put together and customize the desired gift-adventure in a few steps. The whole process of ordering and making a payment is integrated into the App. 

The Bernese startup enterprise Appentura won the Startup Weekends Bern 2014 and was the small team winner of THack Berlin 2015.



Our Hololens app reveals the unearthed treasures under the Sechseläutenplatz

The remains of a 5000-year-old lake dwelling settlement were discovered during the renovation of the Sechseläutenplatz. The findings of the archaeologists can now be experienced with the Hololens.

We've developed a HoloLens application that connects the past with the present: A 3D model of the settlement is visualized in life size on the Sechseläutenplatz where the houses stood five millennia ago. Visitors can take a stroll through the stilt houses and explore the settlement freely.




Water for Water

Integrating partners

Having clean drinking water is not self-evident all over the world. This fact provided the fundamental inspiration for the relief organization «Water for Water»: Drink Water & Give Water. Restaurants and catering businesses as well as private and public institutions serve tap water instead of bottled water and make a donation of the thus saved money to WfW-Water- and Educational Projects.

In order to make the billing of consumed water as easy as possible, the afca. team has developed an billing-App for the relief organization. Thanks to this Mobile-Web-App the time needed for the billing process can be reduced to less than 5 minutes.



HAFL Terranimo

Simulating ground compression

Terranimo® is a simulation model developed by the Berner Fachhochschule HAFL for calculating the ground compression risk when using farming vehicles. Based on machine- and groundparameters the stresses that are being developed in the ground can be calculated and visualized. This way the farmer gets valuable information that can help him to decide, which vehicles can be used without hurting the structure and the fertility of the ground.

We at afca. have developed the backend as well as the tablet version for this project.

„The afca. team does not only realize a project. It constantly works together with its customers in order to create the optimal product.”

Matthias Stettler, HAFL Terranimo



Life in balance

Life balance and self-confidence, sovereignty and vitality, focus on optimal performance. These are promises that Neurocoaching makes and keeps. A self-coaching tool forms the basis of a sophisticated process in which diverse additional tools are used.

We have developed an App for this self-coaching tool that allows for playing the audio data for the exercises. The exercises can be integrated into the user’s personal agenda and the symbol for each exercise can be replaced by a personal photograph that gives the respective exercise a personal touch.

The Neurocoach-App is available in the Apple- and Google- Stores.




We help you to get your projects going

We are happy to share our know-how and our experience with you. We do not present ourselves as «wise guys» and we will not try to «sell» you anything either. Our goal is to really understand your problems and your needs and to work on creative solutions together with you.

«I can go to afca. with any complex question. They have a team that is there to help you to find the right solutions to nearly any problem you may have.»

Pascal Walliser, CIIO, Genolier Swiss Medical Network Solothurn