Mixed Reality

Connect the digital with the analog world

People live and function in a three-dimensional world. But the connection between us and the digital world is still mostly presented on two-dimensional screens.

Mixed Reality aims at overcoming this limitation and thus enabling a natural interaction between human beings and machines. Mixed Reality enables you to integrate context bound information with your familiar environment and create the connection between the digital and the analog world.

Make your idea come true or let new interaction possibilities inspire you. We collect all our Expreriences and Projects at



Azure Cloud

Innovation and flexibility thanks to cloud services

Is it important for you to be able to realize new business models fast and support them with the relevant software? Modern Cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure shift the focus in software and IT-projects from infrastructure to innovation. Thus you can work not only faster and more flexibly, but with Cloud platform services you will have completely new possibilities at hand like Machine Learning and loT Suite.

The afca. team will be glad to answer your questions about the Cloud. For years we have been working with the Microsoft Azure Cloud. We have realized many projects in Azure and we know the many services of the platform and the Cloud’s potential really well. In particular we have acquired profound know-how in the following fields: Web-Apps, Mobile Apps, Data Analytics and loT (Internet of Things).


Web Apps

Make it simple for your users

Your users would like to use Apps that are simple and ready to use without having to install them first. The type of device or system that you happen to be using should not play a role. Thanks to the responsive-design the App is automatically adjusted to the display size of various appliances.

Apps that are put to use with help of modern technologies do not need to be installed and they are platform neutral. Adjustments as well as new functions are immediately available to the user.



Innovation thanks to fine grained services

The future hosting of your applications will happen in the Cloud. Functions respectively Business Logic are available to the devices via services. The better the fine tuning of these services is, the more flexible, simpler and stable are their applications. The systematically subdivided services are also known as Microservices. They form the basis for their position in the market for companies like Amazon, Netflix or Spotify.

Microservices stand primarily for innovative and flexible software. The afca. team has a lot of experience in this field. We are happy to support you with the planning and the realization of your projects.



Mobile Apps

Today Apps are often developed at least for two platforms: Apple iOS and Google Android. Mostly two independent Apps are developed for this purpose. This means that many things need to be done twice. Thus the necessary workload for further development and maintenance is also doubled. This does not only imply higher costs, but can also limit your flexibility and slow down innovative work. 

We develop Apps in a platform neutral way. This means that the same App functions in different platforms and does not have to be individually developed and maintained for each platform. In order to do this we use the corresponding cross platform frameworks like Ionic or Xamarin.




Your business has a lot of data to manage. It is important for you to save these centrally and securely. In addition to structured business data there often are less structured data in Excel or other formats. Status information from appliances and log data (log files) from applications can be further valuable data sources.

Besides the traditional, relational databases the afca. team has a lot of experience with more flexible models such as document databases, caches and graphs.

Data analysis

In order to be able to identify the most important data sources among a great amount of sources as a base for decision making the data has to be connected to modern analysis tools.

We at afca. rely on cloud services like Azure Data Lakes. They allow us to obtain valuable results fast and with little initial effort.