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Mixed Reality & Cloud Computing


New technologies are the driving force at afca. As a competent consultant for digital transformation processes, afca always strives to use new technological achievements profitably for its customers. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other modern technologies promise the implementation of visionary and new business models.

Mixed Reality

The Mixed Reality technology blends the physical with the digital world. The interaction between humans, computers and the environment thus takes the next evolutionary step. Completely new ways of communication, collaboration and learning are opening up.

Microsoft - What is mixed reality?

Cloud Computing

The cloud offers many benefits including increased flexibility, efficiency, productivity and scalability. This can significantly reduce the IT costs of many companies, both for acquisition and maintenance. The provider takes care of security and performance. Data can be accessed anytime and anywhere. The effects on the entire workflow of the employees are enormous.

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Web Apps

Unlike traditional desktop applications, web applications are not installed locally on the user’s computer. A web browser is all you need. No further installation of software is required. Web apps are therefore platform independent.

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We develop the right solution for you — together with you. By working as one team, we can create the right software for the end users.


We gladly share our knowledge and our experience with you. We do everything we can to really understand your core needs and work out creative solutions with you.


You are always in direct contact to our developers. We create Swiss made software and do not practice near- or offshoring. We develop modular software so that the solutions can adapt as new needs arise.

Experience Design

It is important to us that the users have positive experiences. We optimize the points of contact to the digital world by design and performance. So users reach their goals effortlessly.



One Team

Providing results fast and include continuous feedback from the customer: By creating prototypes as early as possible enables all stakeholders their ideas into the project at any point of time. Possible solutions can thus be tested and adapted early in the process.

Design Thinking

Successful projects put the customer and his needs at the center of attention. Direct on-the-spot cooperation between all participants working on the project is essential. Rapid Prototyping is an iterative method that we use for the technical realization of your project.
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User Centered

The users’ needs come first, technology is kept in the background. To make software as efficiently applicable as possible for the user, we focus on their needs and the way they functions.

Agile Process

To solve complex problems it is important to choose the right approach, which supports flexibility, transparency and short iterations. For years we have been working with Scrum, a widely used, agile process model.
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